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Joining the Trust

How do we make our vision a reality?

There are three key messages that bring our vision to life. They are:

  1. We believe in localism –this means we believe that headteachers are best placed to lead their schools. We engage with school leaders to develop systematic ways of working.
  2. We believe that a positive culture for staff and pupils enables schools to thrive. By focusing on mental and health and well-being our schools enrich our pupils and staff to help foster their hopes and dreams.
  3. We believe that collaboration is key to support schools and communities. By harnessing the talents of our staff our schools are resilient and tackle challenges together. The result is excellence for all.

EEEa is about localism and positive collaboration. This enables schools to be innovative and helps us to attract talented staff. By empowering all stakeholders we ensure that each year every child has the opportunity for a better future. Our schools can bespoke their curriculums and EEEA can work with schools to ensure that all their work is underpinned by rigorous and robust school improvement strategies.

What makes us different to other MATs?

We do not have a top-down approach –we allow innovation and share what works well, so we all benefit. All our schools are different due to the communities they serve, and these differences strengthen our work help retain our staff.

Shared Services for Trust Academies

The Central Trust provides a comprehensive range of shared services for its academies. These are primarily funded through the annual contribution made each year by the individual academies to EEEA and its Central Trust.

Below is the key shared services provided directly or indirectly by the Central Trust to EEEA academies:

School Improvement

Financial Management led by the trust’s central team

Human Resources support

Premises Management

Health and Safety Management

Legal services

School Conversions

Operations support

Insurance via the DfE’s Risk Pooling Arrangement.

Establishing new academies

Information and Data Support

Ofsted Preparedness


Our team offers:

National Leader of Education

A highly experienced lead inspector

Specialist leaders in education

Chief Operating Officer with extensive finance qualifications

Experienced headteachers

Strong links with local authorities

Experienced Trustees and governors

Bespoke school to school support

Extensive expertise in primary provision

Strong financial stewardship

Rigorous risk management

Strong links with local schools


We believe in collaboration and partnership at every level. If you are interested in partnership work or would like to discuss joing the Trust/ working with the Trust please contact our Chief Executive Officer, David Harris at

We work together to strengthen communities and deliver excellence. Collectively we have greater resilience and help to foster the hopes and dreams of our pupils, staff and governors.