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Joining the Trust

Three key messages animate our vision, fostering a vibrant educational landscape:

  1. Localism: We champion the autonomy of headteachers as the primary architects of their schools' destinies. Through close engagement, we co-create systematic approaches that empower school leaders to drive meaningful change and innovation within their unique contexts.
  2. Positive Culture: We prioritise cultivating a nurturing environment where both staff and pupils flourish. By prioritising mental and physical well-being, our schools become enriching havens that inspire individuals to realise their aspirations, fostering a culture where hopes and dreams are nurtured and encouraged.
  3. Collaboration: We recognise the transformative power of collaboration in bolstering schools and communities. By leveraging the collective talents and resources of our staff, our schools cultivate resilience and confront challenges head-on, resulting in a shared pursuit of excellence where every member of our community thrives.

EEEa is dedicated to localism and positive collaboration, fostering an environment where schools thrive on innovation and attract top-tier talent. By empowering all stakeholders, we guarantee that every child, every year, has access to a brighter future. Our schools have the flexibility to tailor their curricula, while EEEa provides robust school improvement strategies to support and enhance their work, ensuring excellence across all facets of education.

Why EEEa?

What sets us apart from other Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) is our commitment to a distributed model. We foster a culture of innovation and knowledge-sharing, enabling each school to thrive uniquely within its community. Embracing the diversity of our schools strengthens our collective efforts and reinforces our ability to retain talented staff members, who are empowered to contribute their expertise and experiences to our shared success.

Shared Services for Trust Academies

The Central Trust provides a comprehensive range of shared services for its academies. These are primarily funded through the annual contribution made each year by the individual academies to EEEA and its Central Trust.

Below is the key shared services provided directly or indirectly by the Central Trust to EEEA academies:

School Improvement

Financial Management led by the trust’s central team

Human Resources support

Premises Management

Health and Safety Management

Legal services

School Conversions

Operations support

Insurance via the DfE’s Risk Pooling Arrangement.

Establishing new academies

Information and Data Support

Ofsted Preparedness


Our team offers:

National Leader of Education

A highly experienced lead inspector

Specialist leaders in education

Chief Operating Officer with extensive finance qualifications

Experienced headteachers

Strong links with local authorities

Experienced Trustees and governors

Bespoke school to school support

Extensive expertise in primary provision

Strong financial stewardship

Rigorous risk management

Strong links with local schools


We are advocates of collaboration and partnership across all levels. If you're interested in exploring partnership opportunities or discussing joining or working with the Trust, please reach out to our Chief Executive Officer, David Harris, at

Together, we strive to fortify communities and achieve excellence. Through collective efforts, we bolster resilience and nurture the aspirations of our pupils, staff, and governors.