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Strategic Objectives

Our Trust values

  • Trust

We believe that trust comes from consistency, compassion, communication and competency. We are able to rely upon each other as we seek the best opportunities for all within our care.

  • Respect

Central to respect is recognising the importance of relationships. We aim to appreciate and celebrate each other’s feelings and beliefs. Everyone should be treated with kindness and dignity.

  • Positivity

This value enables our children to live life to the fullest. We provide hope, enthusiasm and solutions to enable our learners to succeed.

  • Creativity

We manage a range of challenges and it is important to identify ideas and turn these solutions into reality. Together we recognise there are always possibilities and alternatives.

  • Responsibility

Children are at the heart of our work and we have a duty to be fair, honest and accountable. We work together to get things done.

  • Collaboration

Collaboration enables us to work together for the benefit of all. Harnessing peoples’ talents enables us to think at a deeper level and have a greater impact.

  • Integrity

Integrity is about how you present yourself and being honest in order to make a positive difference.

What sort of a Trust do we want to be?

  • Our aim is to continue to develop a high quality primary Trust where children achieve their hopes and dreams. As a group of 6 schools, our focus has been on individual schools retaining their identity, as we feel this is the best way we can serve our communities.
  • Each school has a high degree of autonomy and this has enabled us to strengthen our workforce, develop the outcomes for pupils and help us to recruit the best available talent within the profession.
  • We aim to be an employer that focuses on ensuring each school culture is inclusive, trusted and full of integrity.
  • The trust evolved from high quality school improvement work. As an outward looking organisation, we are fully committed to system wide leadership. Our work is not solely limited to our MAT, as we understand that we can learn from any school.
  • We have evolved our systems to enable us to have a common language for assessment, talent management and our core business: teaching and learning.
  • Every school has a unique ethos and it is important that we protect this as this enables us to engage with our families and most importantly ensure every child has every opportunity to excel.
  • As a Trust we wish to grow, but our key focus is ensuring we grow in a sustainable way. We work with our school leaders and subject leaders to grow capacity across the schools. This collaboration will continue to evolve.
  • Our structure enables us to recruit innovative and creative leaders. We believe that every academy should be called a ‘school’ as parents identify with this language. Our school leaders receive high levels of collaborative support to enable them to improve well-being and standards within their schools.
  • We believe that for pupils to achieve their dreams, we need to focus on the well-being of staff and pupils. This focus helps us to develop a school’s culture, so staff and pupils find the environment a place of positivity, hard work and excellence.
  • We aim to be a place of aspiration and opportunity for all.
  • The Trust sees its function as a mechanism to enable schools to thrive and be the best they can be. Our schools tell us they feel high levels of support, collaboration and togetherness.
  • We are a Trust that is continually learning and we have a good blend of experience to ensure we all challenge ourselves to continue to improve.
  • All of our work is focused on how we can improve to ensure all pupils and staff excel. We recognise that we are all faced with difficult decisions but always ask the question, ‘If I do this, what difference will it make to the children?’
  • Risk management is a key component of how we operate and with the development of our understanding and risk systems we are able to swiftly address challenges and opportunities.
  • We firmly believe in partnerships at all levels, as collectively we know this will help make us more resilient. Our staff are positive and passionate about the difference they make to the young people within their care.
  • We have 5 components that are the strength of our organisation, these underpin our strategic aims they are:
  • School Improvement
  • Leadership and Governance
  • Financial Stewardship
  • Developing Capacity
  • Environment