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“Engage, Enrich, Excel”

We believe that every learner has the right to be engaged with inspiration and creativity, to enable them to enrich and enhance their learning experience. By establishing the key steps to success every learner can perform exceptionally well.

EEEA Ethos

Our values enable us to build strong individuals and communities who stand for what is right and wrong and can challenge, with confidence, what is not right. Our values and leadership behaviours are:

What do these values mean?

  • Trust: To be able to rely upon each other
  • Respect: To appreciate and celebrate each other’s beliefs
  • Positivity: To look for solutions and celebrate success
  • Creativity: To turn ideas into reality
  • Responsibility: To make sure things get done
  • Collaboration: To work together to benefit all
  • Integrity: To be honest to make a positive difference
Our core principles we expect from all leaders

Leadership Principles:

  • To be strategic not operational
  • To recognise the importance of relationships
  • To do the right thing
  • To be honest and open
  • To collaborate and not compete
  • To unlock and develop capacity in staff
  • To believe that nothing is impossible

Language of culture:

  • Collaboration not competition
  • No excuse; no compromise
  • Believe to achieve

EEEA Pledge to Families:

  • We will keep your children safe, secure and cared for;
  • We will provide first-rate teaching in all lessons and strive for excellence in everything that we do;
  • We will ensure that high standards in English and Mathematics are at the heart of a broad and exciting curriculum;
  • We will prize your children’s creativity and individuality, and listen attentively to their views, opinions and feelings;
  • We will be by their sides lending a hand as their self-belief and self-confidence grows;
  • We will ensure they leave primary education ready, willing and able to take the next step in their learning and the next step in their lives.