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Our vision is encapsulated in our motto: ‘Engage, Enrich, Excel.’


We believe in the vital role schools play within their communities, prioritising relationships and understanding to create safe, nurturing learning environments where every child can thrive, overcoming barriers to success through collaborative leadership and collective resilience.


Our schools are united in their commitment to nurturing children's growth and flourishing, prioritising staff development to ensure they deliver innovative and inspiring curricula tailored to diverse communities, fostering social, academic, and creative success through a rich array of memorable experiences.


At the core of our approach lies positivity and passion, nurturing the aspirations of both learners and staff while fostering a sense of pride within our communities. Through high-quality training, effective leadership, and unwavering expectations, we cultivate excellence, empowering every child to thrive in the world around them.

Definition of excellence:

Excellence is not just a destination but a continuous journey fuelled by the right attitude, a commitment to improvement, and a focus on nurturing confident, resilient, and curious young individuals. It hinges on understanding our fundamental role in teaching and learning, directing our efforts towards every child, staff member, and family, with equity as its guiding principle, recognising the inherent worth of every child as we strive for ongoing excellence.

EEEa Pledge to our families:

We are dedicated to:

  • safeguarding, nurturing, and cherishing your children,
  • delivering outstanding teaching across all subjects while relentlessly pursuing excellence;
  • prioritising high standards in English and Mathematics within a diverse and engaging curriculum;
  • valuing your children's creativity, individuality, and voices, supporting their self-belief and confidence as they grow;
  • and preparing them to confidently embrace their next educational and life endeavours as they transition from primary education